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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It is true that once you are older, your circle of friends grow smaller. They always say that you will rid yourself of all the negativity, that those who didnt make the effort isn't worth it.

But what if, you are the one who isn't making the effort. you are the one who is pushing away? what if you have just outgrown your friends?

I have become a creature of habit. I do not crave human interactions. I have plenty during work. Its hard to explain outgrowing without offending. I wish my friends grow at my speed. I'd love to have all my friends but Im selfish that way. I just want me all to myself. I am sorry that I have changed but thats life. Perhaps once we are in sync again we may rekindle our friendships again. For now, I really just want to focus on myself.

The Squad
Friday, July 29, 2016

So in a weeks time, my friend is officially going to be someones wife. Theres something about her that I have always admired since we were 13. Its because of these little things that I know will make her a wonderful wife.

Today starts our Day One of fun bachelorette party. - the 3 of us are essentially the same kinda people. Even if to the rest, what we have install for the weekend maybe boring but to us, fuck yes. Relaxation.

Its funny because I havent been so close to this friend for years. Its only out of the blue that we decide to meet for lunch... which became a 5-hour gossip sesh. We had so much in common. I am so glad that we rekindle this friendship because well, honestly not many people get me. They think they do but no. I just let them think they do because well its easier for them and for me. I may seem complicated but its actually them who make things complicated. I am actually very simple.

So the squad consist of the 3 of us. Well most of the time we are too lazy to meet up. We understand that we are busy creatures and we have this mutual understanding that we are just lazy some times! The best part is when we do meet up, theres no awkwardness whatsoever. I can be myself around them, vice versa.

I am so thankful for these relationship because well fuck, if i dont have them, Id probably go crazy.

So have a good weekend because I know we will. Seeya

We are 6 years old!
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

If we were to start a family then, our kid would probably in kingergarten.

We have been 6 for some time now. I just didnt see the big issue of posting it up all over the internet. You see, Im not like that kinda girl who needs to tell everyone how great her bf is. I already know he is the right one for me and Im the assurance I need. However I do feel like a little 19YO when I talk about him. Ok no, I actually dont talk mushy things about him.
Anddddddd Im sidetracking alittle now.

The point is, we are 6. We are going through big steps together too. We have been through so much and we are still standing strong. Heck, stronger than ever.

This relationship has taught me alot. Things I probably will never learn anywhere else. So fuck all those who say you gotta be romantic and sweet and flowers and butterflies shit. Because sometimes reality is way better.

A social.
Friday, July 22, 2016

All these while I thought I had antisocial characteristic. Im just asocial.

I can go about my life with no social life, I can do it. Lets face it, you are the most entertaining person you know. I can find things to do on my own.

I just dont like people very much. Maybe just a handful I can tolerate.
Im not gonna lie to myself, I am what I am

All the small things
Monday, July 18, 2016

So was on FB, they have these updates about the things posted in the past.
I realise things about myself.
Like now I know why I didnt have a boyfriend til I was 19. I was busy having too much fun being free of any commitments and plus the companies I had were great fun! Not a day spent thinking about boys and what not. No makeup. We didnt follow any trends. Well I didnt. 

Which got me thinking, being an adult sucks a whole ton. I still dont put a ton of makeup but now I have second thoughts abt not having made up for work. I feel like Im in the trend of moving on to the next step in my relationship. Which means more saving and less fun things to do. I need to act more like an adult but sometimes I just wanna be a little girl and depend on someone else to do the job for me.

Im 25 but I still feel like I dont know what I am doing. Am i doing it right? Am i the only one who feels this way?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

So I was just on the Explose section of IG and I stumble upon last year's Miss SG. Was curious about the lifestyle of a Miss SG. Thinking it would have the Miss SG making a better place. Well sadly no. All i saw was party party party PARTEH. And several selfies.

I used to think that the Miss Universe pageant really does something for the world. Now with our advanced technologies and social media, we get to see more realities and less pretentious stories the publicists try to make up. Ohwell our Miss SG is just 22. What do you expect from a 22 year old right?

Monday, April 11, 2016

I cant wait to move out.

For now, I will have to clean the big house even tho its not empty. I want to just throw every single thing and buy new ones so I can keep track of things, to organise them. I actually do like cleaning but this is too much! I am drowning in all the rubbish my family has accumulated for years. 

Good luck to fiq when he moves in next year.

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